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it's us...

Photography is a passion that has been infecting us more and more day after day.


We kept on "photografando" (photographing) landscapes, furry friends, happy family moments, the little cousin who was just born, a friend's birthday, the baptism of a friend's son ...

And here we are. We could not take this wonderful task more seriously and what a great responsibility it is to record the most important moments of a lifetime.

Photographing is the possibility to do what we love, in places always full of love and tenderness.

We live these moments as if they were our own. With commitment and dedication, we developed a unique and special work, making each click a memory for eternity.

We want to live these moments with you, but above all, we want to make you relive the good moments, allowing you to feel again the way you felt before throughout our photographs. Your photographs...

Hello, it's us, Isa and Rui

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